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Flaring is NOT Acceptable 

Flaring can and should be LIMITED, period. ANY scheduled event should be communicated to the public IN ADVANCE so residents can remain indoors for public health purposesCounty health officials need to be ONSITE at every flaring event – no exceptions. 

An UPGRADED & ONGOING Employee Training Program is a NECESSITY

There has been a HUGE turnover in employees at the refinery since 2020. Advanced safety training and surprise safety drills are essential to operating safely.

Strong Commitment to LOWER Emissions

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has demanded wet gas scrubbers be installed to lower emissions – a request that is now being litigated. Regardless, the refinery MUST find a method to lower emissions going into the Martinez community. 

Ongoing & Frequent Safety Inspections

Contra Costa Health MUST continue to perform frequent safety inspections of the plant, both on a scheduled and surprise basis, allowing the inspection team FULL access to EVERY area of the refinery. 

Absolute Transparency & On-going Communication with the Martinez Community  

The occurrence of 21 events since November 2022 is NOT ACCEPTABLE. There needs to be an ongoing stream of communication between the refinery, our city leaders and our residents. 

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